Oskar Bergman -- game designer with

Hi, I’m Oskar Bergman. Welcome! 

  • I’m currently located in Eskilstuna (Sweden).
  • I have a Bachelor in Game Design (Uppsala Universitet).
  • My goal is to create beautiful, fun and awesome games. 

Under construction: please come back later, or email me at oskar@bergman.com!

Throughout my years at the University of Uppsala I have worked with others to make games of various types. Below are the more notable accomplishments


Warrior's Fall

The first proper game I participated in making. We were limited to making shmups since they are quite simple in nature. The game has 3 enemies, a basic attack and a powershot. I worked as the Unity man, mostly stitching together the work of my peers and bugtesting with the programmer. I was satisified with the end result, simple as it may be. I like the visual aestethic in particular; our artist and the programmer worked together to make the background scroll by in layers, and it looks very good.

Speed required!

Crazy Train

A 2D game made to be played on an actual arcade cabinet, with the requirement that the physical controls had to be interesting. You play as a train, and have to click a joystick up and down to generate thrust. The train is equipped with a cannon, which is used to remove obstacles from the track, and bonus targets in the sky. This cannon is aimed with a "crank", and a button on said crank fires the cannon. The game ended up being a complete and passed, but it did not excel. I worked mainly as level designer and feature tester and implementer. The lack of a proper project manager in our team slowed us down I believe. One aspect that did come out very well was how simple the physical controls were. A joystick connected to a card, and a bent pipe that had a mouse reading its rotation did what we wanted.

The game, with background removed

Merchant Mayhem

We were not limited to only making electronic games. I worked with 3 others to make a boardgame, and the result was Merchant Mayhem. You play as one of four intrepid merchants looking to make it big, through running through the lands trading goods in demand. I was the main card designer, and I also worked on formulating the rules. The end product had a somewhat bloated rulebook, but it was fun to play. One particular aspect that I liked a lot was how the crafty one in our team managed to design the game to fit in a small box. It was very portable!

A bit of a strange angle, but it shows the good work of the artists!

A letter from Momo

A 3D atmospheric little puzzle game, made with sami culture in mind. You play as a girl returning to the empty home of her Momo (sami for grandma i believe), to find out more about her heritage. Gameplay consists of simple puzzle elements and code solving. I worked as the Unity manager, taking the works of my peers and stitching them together and adding sounds. I also worked closely with the programmer to test features. The game ended up being as complete as we wanted, and even earned an award in storytelling! I am overall very satisfied with my contribution.

Lost in Mansion

A rather simple narrative boardgame with restrictive rules. You play as a mansion inheritee, whose mansion suddenly starts acting up. You play by simply choosing a path to take, with each tile having a passage of text associated it. One limitation set by the teacher was that each tile needed to work on its own, and that all paths possible should be sensible. I wrote the majority of the text, and spellchecked the work of my peers.

Twisted Metal, Pods and Teleporters

A narrative game made in Twine by myself. You play as a security guard abord a space station with multiple catastrophes having happened to it. It's a simple pick-your-path gameplay which leads to various outcomes, failure and success.

The four games i participated in making. The one being described is the lower left.

An experimental bunch

4 games made with with significant restrictions and short development cycles. The best of these were GameDevGame, whose limitation was that it had to have as little inspiration from other games as possible. You play as a solo game developer who has run out of ideas.